Testamentul lui Orfeus, wood, glass, 200x200x200 cm, 2019.


Lethean, truck tarpoline, coins, 1400x300 cm, 2019.


Obiectul 28075, video, color, sound, 50", 2019.

Folks, digital print on pvc, 400x300 cm, 2019.

Faking it for real with Andreea Medar
residency and duo show, 2019.

Resulting from a duo residency in Targu Jiu Romania,
the project brings together multiples interventions by the two artists together or in solo.
It is an invitation to redefine the invisible boundaries between notions as concrete and unreal,
myth and history, ancient and new, in questioning progress just as much than conservation.
All the works seem to want to be abstracted of historical time but each of them
is thought to be seen at a specific moment of the day or night.
As proposals for new delimitations, by blurring boundaries, these elements
question the idea of collage and the opposition of antithetical notions.
Is progress the disappearance of tradition?
This unanswered interrogation crosses the works of a set defined by doubles,
oppositions and absences presence at an imprecise time, stamped with mythological stories.