Wuthering, public live recording, Ramdam un centre d'art, 2018



with Marion Aeschlimann,
live radio performances, 2017 - 2018.

«Wuthering» is a performance for two voices.
In this 30 minutes long internet broadcast
we use film extracts invisible to the public.

Creating our own fictional film club on air, our two «geeks»
draw a tinkered portrait of their video library mixing disasters,
declarations of love, extraterrestrial invasions and triangle concerts.

Each program is thematise. #1 is about ghosts, #2 is about the weather.
Playing on several layers of narration, re-interpreting or dubbing their sounds,
we propose a new imaginary for well known story lines.

Wuthering 2 à été écrit et réalisé en résidence
à RAMDAM un Centre d'Art.

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