I was doing my part-time job, unsetting an exhibition
which I didn’t build up. Usually I know little usefull details
about every artwork, but here, I knew nothing. So I decided
to do only the secure jobs first. I began to clean up the space.
I removed one piece, two pieces, looking on the plan of the space,
which was listing all the pieces, to get known about the artworks.

Then i saw something just close to a wall on the floor.
It was a little sheet of white paper. It was as small as half
of a post-it. Closer I saw that there were some words
written with a pencil. It looked like a shopping list.
I don’t remember the words exactly but i think it was close to :

pommes de terre
œufs x6

It was a shopping list in order to cook a basic french meal.
It was really close to the corner of the space, on the shiny grey floor.
I tried to take it and i felt it was sticked on the ground with a small piece
of circled tape. I had to laugh. I was thinking about one visitor, spreading
his lists and other little papers as artworks into different exhibitions,
writing comments about the pieces. So I took the paper and I folded it
one or two times and I put it into my pocket in order to keep it.
After this moment I went back to my work.
Later in the morning, I threw away all the stuff
from my pocket into the trashes, like I usually do.

After searching it, the other people from the art space
asked me for this paper, I discovered a new feeling,
incomprehesion mixed with a kind of shame.
This reversal of the reality gave me a vertigo.